ArchieOfOutlandish Book Cover

Archie of Outlandish [2016]

Contemporary Fiction Novel


Lynnette Kraft, Author; Abigail Kraft, Illustrator

Archie of Outlandish is an odd and endearing story, told through words, illustrations, and music.

Archibald Plumby lives happily in the picturesque coastal town of Outlandish. He has loving parents, eats fine food at his mother's cliffside restaurant, and spends his days on the beach and in the town's quaint streets, in search of stories to write for his job at the local paper.

There is just one thing that makes Archie's life a little less than ideal... he's never been able to look up without having a panic attack.

As he turns twenty, he begins to wonder if his peculiar fear of looking up will keep him from living the life he desires... particularly in the ways of love.