John Debney

(Composer for “Iron Man 2”, “Predators”, “The Passion of the Christ”, etc.)
“I love your music! Very evocative and well conceived…”

David Arnold

(Composer for “Independence Day”, “2 Fast 2 Furious”, “Casino Royale”, etc.)
“Like a bridge between the Zimmer approach and classic Jerry Goldsmith approach”

Vu Nguyen

(Director of “Going Home,” “Second Chances”, and “The Game”)
“I’ve been lucky enough to have Jared work with me on three projects. He’s a very talented composer and I really like what he’s done. Working with Jared is the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had. Jared is very professional when it comes to staying on track and always meets the project deadlines… very patient when it comes to dealing with producer’s ideas and suggestions… and best of all, the communication and response from Jared have been excellent. I am so glad that I could depend on him and I would so recommend his service to other independent producers out there!”

Derek Granado

(Director of “Art’s Dream” and Co-Director of “Second Chances”)
“I’ve had the privilege of working with Jared on two short films I have completed “Second Chances” and “Art’s Dream”. Jared is a talented film composer and overall talented musician. Music is an important piece to a film and Jared knows how to capture each scene’s mood and time each visual cue in such detail. What also impressed me about Jared is his willingness to work diligently with you to get the best possible outcome. He understood my persistence with perfection and took on any challenges I gave him with zeal. He is truly an artist in his field and I look forward to working with him again someday.”